Food Service Director - Kenosha, WI

By Emily Fairall posted 12 days ago

New Horizon Foods is looking for a Food Service Director located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Company Information
Company Name: New Horizon Foods
Company Address: 2207 Flag Avenue
Company City: St. Louis Park 
Company State: MN
Company Zip: 55426
Company Website:
Company Description: Since 1987, New Horizon Foods Inc. has been very successful in providing Contract Food Service Management Services. We are a professional Food Service Management Company specializing in senior dining services, residential programs, schools and employee cafeterias. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our performance in the management of your food service program. We currently service Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Job Information
Job Title: Food Service Director
Job Location: Kenosha, WI
Job Type: Full-Time
Required Licenses/Certifications: CDM or RD

Job Description
Statement of Purpose
Plans, directs, organizes, and coordinates the activities of the Foodservice Department to provide Foodservice services to patients/residents as well as facility employees, establishes policies and procedures to provide administrative direction for menu formation, food preparation, distribution and service, budgeting, purchasing, sanitation standards, safety practices, staffing, and staff development. Assures compliance with standards of practice and regulatory requirements.

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities
- Determines quality and quantity of food required. Plans and prepares master menus, supervises the planning of menus for therapeutic diets, and controls food costs.
- Supervises food storage, production and service programs as well as departmental personnel involved.
- Maintains inventory system for food and supplies.
- Ensures food preparation for optimal nutrition and economic handling of food as well as efficient usage of time.
- Plans menus, purchases food and supplies, and assigns duties for special meals or special occasions, such as medical staff buffets, board meetings, recognition dinners, and other related facility functions.
- Checks food for flavor, temperature, and appearance on a regular basis.
- Confers with District Manager or other departments, such as the medical staff and Nursing, regarding the technical and administrative aspects of Foodservice. Coordinates Foodservice with other disciplines.
- In conjunction with Clinical support staff/Dietitian, supervises and/or participates in all nutritional aspects of patient/resident care. This includes nutritional assessments, recording in medical charts, interviewing patients/residents regarding food habits, providing diet counseling to patient/residents and families and participates in appropriate interactions between Dietitians and the medical staff.
- Maintains ongoing communication with Dietitian/Clinical Support Staff to keep informed of resident nutritional concerns.
- Checks routine maintenance and other repairs requested by work orders.
- Interviews applicants for employment; evaluates employees on a regular basis according to prescribed guidelines; terminates employees according to standard procedures as required.
- Provides orientation and job specific training to employees.
- Plans, conducts, and oversees continuous employee training, competencies and reviews.
- Prepares work schedules, vacation schedules, etc. Maintains records of tardiness and absenteeism.
- Maintains facility specific staffing patterns to include: appropriate levels, replacement procedures, and assignments appropriate to qualifications.
- Prepares departmental budget on an annual basis in conjunction with District Manager. Maintains department within facility specific budget.
- Attends professional meetings and conferences to keep informed of current practices and trends in the field of Foodservices and nutrition and the acute care/long term care continuum.
- Maintains professional growth and development through seminars, conferences, and professional affiliations.
- Attends department head, safety, infection control, quality assurance, and other facility or corporate meetings as directed.
Food Service Director JD
- Makes frequent inspections of all work, storage, and servicing areas to determine that regulations and directions governing Foodservice activities are followed including compliance with safety and sanitation.
- Develops, maintains and annually updates the departmental Mission/Vision/Goals and facility and department Annual Quality Plan.
- Monitors dress code compliance with personnel as per facility policy.
- Develops and prepares policies and procedures governing handling and storage of supplies and equipment, sanitation, and record-keeping and compiling of reports. Maintains and annually updates the department policy and procedure manual.
- Prepares job descriptions and coordinating job competencies, organizational charts, manuals, and guidebooks covering all phases of departmental operations for use by employees.
- Conducts annual reviews on each employee comparing actual performance with expected performance and documents results and action taken in employee records.
- Reviews records and reports covering number of regular and therapeutic diets prepared, nutritional and caloric analyses of meals, costs of raw food and labor, computation of weekly costs, and inventory of equipment and supplies.
- Plans and/or conducts and retains records of monthly staff meetings, employee training and/or inservices.
- Schedules and participates in and/or conducts ongoing continuing education programs which may include:
     - Nutrition and the elderly
     - Regulatory and reimbursement issues for long term care/acute care
     - Supervisory and management topics
     - Food safety and sanitation
     - Regulations training including: State, Federal, OBRA, JCAHO, AOA and CARF
- Keeps administration and District Manger informed of department activities, needs, and problems.
- Reviews department performance and institutes changes in techniques or procedures to improve services, simplify work flow, assure compliance with regulatory requirements, and promote more efficient operation of the Foodservice Department.
- Develops standards of performance, determines areas of responsibility, assigns responsibility and accountability, and delegates authority to the various managerial, supervisory, and professional members of the staff.
- Actively participates in the development, annual review and revision of continuous quality improvement program as well as the ongoing process.

Required Experience
Previous long-term care experience preferred

Required Education
Certified Dietary Manager or Registered Dietitian


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