Dietary Manager II - Quincy, IL

By Emily Fairall posted 9 days ago

Illinois Veterans Home is looking for a Dietary Manager II located in Quincy, Illinois.

Company Information
Company Name: Illinois Veterans Home
Company Address: 1707 N 12th Street
Company City: Quincy
Company State: IL
Company Zip: 62301
Company Website:
Company Description: The Quincy Veterans' Home is located in the northern part of picturesque, historic Quincy in Adams County. The Quincy home, founded in 1886, is the largest and oldest of the Illinois Veteran Homes. It was the original Soldiers and Sailors Home until 1974 when the name was changed.

Sitting on 210 beautiful acres, the campus provides a broad range of facilities and services including domiciliary and skilled care to almost 400 veterans and their spouses. Sunset Cemetery, located on the campus, provides interment and perpetual care for eligible veterans and spouses. Over 7,000 veterans and spouses, dating back to the Civil War are at rest here.

Job Information
Job Title: Dietary Manager II 
Job Location: Quincy, IL
Job Type: Full-Time
Required Licenses/Certifications: Certified Dietary Manager and Food Service Sanitation Managers Certification

Job Description
- Under administrative direction, manages all phases of the dietary operation at the Illinois Veterans’ Home.
- Develops and implements administrative policies and procedures for the food service program, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
- Directs the initiation and maintenance of proper health, sanitation and safety standards in the preparation, service and storing of foods used by the facility.
- Develops and implements orientation and in-service training programs to assure effective and efficient functioning by dietary staff.
- Supervises the maintenance of records and preparation of reports.
- Reviews inventory records, delivery schedules, food service reports, etc., required of food service and Quality Assurance programs.
- Assures that the quality of all food products meet requirements, completes necessary forms when deficiencies are found.
- Maintains records of the disposition of meats and related products, assists in the preparation of menus.
- Supervises staff assigned to the dietary department and confers with the Dietary Manager 1 to determine primary duties.
- Observes and evaluates work performance and initiates commendatory or disciplinary actions.
- Approves time off and provides guidance and training; determines staffing needs to meet objectives.
- Confers with facility medical and nursing staff regarding dietary needs of patients.
- Interprets diet prescriptions and plans and prepares modified and therapeutic diets and menus.
- Develops and directs special dietetic education and training programs and teaches food and nutrition principles and procedures to food service and nursing personnel.

Required Experience
- Requires thorough knowledge of dietetics and food services management, including nutritional values, costs and accounting.
- Requires extensive knowledge of modern methods, materials and appliances used in large scale food preparation and service.
- Requires extensive knowledge of health and sanitary requirements applicable to a large-scale food service.
- Requires extensive knowledge of agency rules and regulations pertaining to the food services program.
- Requires ability to plan and direct the preparation of modified diets and menus.
- Requires ability to direct subordinates in planning, preparing and serving general and special menus and performing other food service functions.
- Requires ability to develop and direct dietetic educational programs and teach food and nutrition principles.
- Requires ability to supervise quantity food preparation and cooking with economy and efficiency.
- Requires ability to judge food materials and to make estimates of requirements and requisitions of needed food, supplies and equipment.
- Require ability to maintain food service records and prepare related reports.

Required Education
Requires knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to completion of four years college, with courses in dietetics. Requires two years of professional experience in a large-scale food service program.


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