Chapter Marketing & Recruitment Toolkit

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The purpose of this toolkit is to assist our chapter members with recruitment and marketing efforts at the local level. We understand the challenges of recruiting and retaining new members. As your partner, ANFP national has provided several marketing and recruitment documents, and tools specifically for this initiative. Below you will see three categories, each designed with a specific purpose; Communications & Tools, CDM Promotion Materials and Additional Resources. 

Communications & Tools

The following documents are meant to be used by members to communicate with prospective members in various settings and methods. They should not be shared with prospective members.

CDM Promotional Materials

The following documents should be used as promotional materials and can be shared with prospective members for recruitment and informational purposes. 

Additional Resources

The following documents are additional resources that may be useful for recruitment efforts as well. 



If you have any questions or need any other documents for marketing and recruitment efforts, please contact the Chapter Relations department at 800.323.1908 or